NAME Mat Shutt
D.O.B 30-06-1976
FROM Birmingham, UK
FAVOURITE MOVIES The Expendables, The Fast and the Furious Series, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Bourne Trilogy and Lord of War.
FAVOURITE TV Breaking Bad, 24, Spooks, Sons of Anarchy and Alan Partridge.
FAVOURITE FOODS Curry, pizza and Mexican.
FAVOURITE DRINKS Hobgobline, Jagerbombs and Jack & Coke.
HOBBIES & INTERESTS Festivals, gig going, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.
INFLUENCES Bruce Dickinson, M.Shadows and Freddie Mercury
GEAR Shure SM58 wireless.
PERFECT TOUR LINEUP Valous, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch.

Born when two people carrying the all ellusive and unknown gene, rockstardium complex B3 and egotestosis X10. What came out can not be understood and cannont be contained. I grew up on a diet of metal and beer and became what I am today.

The Frontman... For me that doesn't just mean the guy who happens to stand at the front! It's all about the show and the performance. For me the Show is the be all and end all and it's important for me to put on an in-your-face energetic show that leaves people hopefully wanting more.

Nothing is more important to me than entertaining people, in the band that I love with my like minded brothers. Long may it continue and long live rock 'n' roll! \m/